What do you do in a situation like this?

  When a vacant neighbor claims to own a small house that you think might be on the property line with the land you own, and has promised for over a decade that if he sells the 2 neighboring properties, he would offer them to you first if you watched over them while they were vacant or, at the very least, told you if they intended to sell them. Then ten years of squatters throwing and they're going to sell them to somebody else. been informed by his "surveyor", as I distinctly heard him the day they marked the property lines say "sorry to be the bearer of bad news".
  So after realizing that this is actually the house that belongs to my land, and the neighbors had been claiming half of my property for over a decade, which was an unrealistic increase in the size of their tiny lot. They demanded property lines that doubled the back line of their lot. I then spend more than two weeks on a respirator; clean up more than 15 trash bags full of rat nests and start using the building. I was harassed for three days straight by the police who called me and told me to get out of the building. Each time I told them that I had offered to do measurements with the new owner, and each time the agents backed off when I told them that I had done measurements and that he had refused to do measurements with me. They were told each time that THEY needed to have an investigation done before they could make a deal. They couldn't find the back corner that shows the exact line, but finding the two front stakes on my property were able to confirm without a doubt that I have room to put a driveway between the building and the line of property. It's definitely on my property. I even called the guy I bought my property from and found out he had been living here for years and the neighbors had told him they owned the house and he even went so far as to have a second electric pole installed without knowing the land already had one.
     I feel like a victim even though I'm glad I have the building now. "to someone else and I had to fight the law to get it back, and I have three small structures that I now have to move. but at least the agents had the due diligence not to press charges From what I can tell the neighboring lots are still in the name of the previous owner I tried to call the police back and was able to get recorded testimony that they claimed ownership of the building and I I still have all the texts. So I have proof now. I've never heard of anything like this. I can explain that the confusion was caused by an old logging road that predates the properties and was used to put the building in the back of my lot and was then used as a driveway by the neighbors in a trailer that doesn't exist now, so it looked like a driveway from their mailbox to my house. that's why I believed them for so long.
You didn't really ask a question, you should have had a survey done before or soon after you bought the property. You would have been 10 years early to the game. There really is nothing you can do, even you said you thought it was theirs. Now if you established it was yours 10 years ago or even 6 months ago and after that establishment they damaged your property you may have a case. NAL (not a lawyer).

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