was wondering if a parent who has a child can falsely file abandonment papers

 A woman I know has a daughter and I recently discovered that she is falsely filing abandonment papers against her ex-husband. She told me that he was constantly trying to contact their daughter and she wouldn't allow him to have her or she wouldn't have the money. I am sad for the little girl she is very nice and she thinks the man she now calls father is her biological father and I found out that he is not her biological father and the mother express custody of her biological father I am extremely upset with this woman I cannot say her name or that of her child. She became extremely comfortable with me and when she told me this I was very shocked, she seems like a very nice person, but apparently I was wrong, is there anyone who can help me ? I found out who the father is and would like to get in touch with him so I can help him. She told me today that her husband who earns money was able to adopt her daughter without the effective consent of the father and took away all her rights. I come from a strong and connected family and it disheartens me to know that she is doing this to her daughter so willingly and okay, is there anything I can say to the father to help? She said they read the paper, wouldn't let him talk at all, and ruled in his favor without even asking the father a single question. I asked about their relationship beforehand and it turns out that I befriended a two-faced gold digger. I really hope the girl doesn't end up like her and can get in touch with her biological father at some point in her life. can someone help me? No advice? I feel like what she did was completely wrong and underhanded.
The alleged or bio father can file a parentage action to establish paternity and custody orders. He can contact the Child Support Department or the Court. Or look on Law Help Interactive website for court forms.

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