Requiring counsel or a hard perhaps somebody encountered this.

Requiring counsel or a hard perhaps somebody encountered this.

I been residing in my place since March of 2021 and as of late around November my property manager informed me verbally that I been getting clamor protests from different occupants of noisy music, celebrating, banging, and canine yapping (I don't have a canine).

Iv never arranged a party my music is at 20% volume and like said don't have a canine. Without doing any examination my landowner chose to mail me a multi day disturbance letter. I then, at that point, recruited an inhabitant lawyer to react for my sake and before I know it in a range of seven days it appeared they fought back accordingly of telling my lawyer they will send me an expulsion notice.

I previously kept records and addressed my neighbors that I'm near and they can vouch for myself and even observer a couple of the episodes of the neighbors underneath are being preposterous and delicate to simply relaxing. I inhabit the finish of the complex most noteworthy floor so I just have 1 neighbor close to me and beneath me. It's the neighbors beneath me recording the grumblings. They once called the police on me expressing there was shouting my neighbor and I both got woken up by the visit from the police and we both expressed we heard nothing since we were resting. My neighbors appear to be delicate to any clamors we live in Los Angeles-alarms, vagrants, canines yapping set them off (why live here?) iv likewise witness them calling the police when the destitute are shouting at one another on different occasions. They once beat on their roof advising me to hold it down as I strolled to the kitchen late to get water… (I weight under 100Ib) 
I realize I employed a lawyer however it's getting really expensive and looking for counsel here on how my choices and what I might ensure myself.

I additionally need to specify I recorded a grumbling on the property manager back in October for badgering and unseemly conduct to the proprietor of the complex and from that point forward it lead to this soo there's plausible of counter.

Dwell in Los Angeles

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