My uncle is a detainee in Michigan. He is a paraplegic and bound to a wheelchair

My uncle is a detainee in Michigan. He is a paraplegic and bound to a wheelchair. The previous summer, he was being shipped off an off site torment facility for treatment of undeniable annoyance and shoulder. At the point when the transportation officials got him, he was in stomach chains with his wrists got to his midriff. Anyway he was not as expected got into the van, regardless of whether himself or the actual seat I don't know. The driver of the van was speeding and closely following a vehicle before them when the vehicle hit the brakes. The driver then, at that point, hit the brakes to stay away from a mishap. My uncle flew forward into the hindrance of the van. As a result of the gut fastens he couldn't surrender and ensure himself. He needed to renounce his arrangement at the aggravation center and needed to go to the trauma center all things considered. He currently has more pain and shoulder, just as crepitus in his elbow and general shortcoming on his left side, making it hard to get in and out of his wheelchair.
I'm taking care of tracking down a legal counselor. He has recorded complaints with the jail and presently the jail is denying him the medicine he has been recommended by different doctors for how much torment he is in.

Does this appear to be a sound case? How does possibility function, as I don't have any cash to put toward lawful costs for him? Three legal counselors I've contacted won't help since he is a detainee. He's attempting to sue the officials and the province of Michigan. He has generally disapproved of this office throughout the long term, with them fighting back against him when he makes a complaint. I can give more data if necessary.

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