my neighbors dog attacked my dog while she was on her leash, 2nd attack on a neighborhood dog in a matter of 2 weeks from my neighbors dog. Neighbor isn’t getting rid of dog.

TLDR my neighbors dog attacked my dog while she was on her leash, 2nd attack on a neighborhood dog in a matter of 2 weeks from my neighbors dog. Neighbor isn’t getting rid of dog. 
I’m located in Indiana. Sorry this is long.
I rent a house with my husband and our 3 kids, I’m also expecting with our 4th. Our landlord also owns the house next door and rents it out to another couple. We’ve lived here 2 years and we always get along with our neighbors. We share a back yard with our neighbor and my kids have toys and stuff back there they play with in the summertime. The neighbor has 2 dogs and they let the dogs out the back yard on a leash. We also have a dog, but we let out dog out our front yard, to avoid the neighbors dogs. 
The neighbors dog gets out all the time and always runs around the neighborhood. 2 weeks ago the neighbors dog attacked another neighborhood dog, in my back yard. My husband ended up breaking it up, but my neighbors dog really really hurt the other dog and the attack was very vicious. My neighbor told me that her dog has been very aggressive lately and has tried attacking their other dog several times. 
Wednesday my husband left for work and I let our dog out on her leash in our front yard. 30 second later I heard a very obvious dog fight. I ran outside and the neighbors dog was in my front yard and had my dog by the neck. I screamed at them and my neighbor came out. I told her that her dog was killing my dog. She came over and tried breaking it up. But there was so much blood, and it was so so vicious. My kids ran outside (12 and 7) as my neighbor is laying in my yard trying to break it up, and the neighbors dog is attacking mine. So much blood. I was in the yard begging the neighbor to let go before they started attacking her too. It was so ugly. The the neighbor grabbed my dogs head to try and separate her dog off mine but my dog bit her in defense. The neighbor still wouldn’t let go of the dogs and I begged and pleaded her to please let go before she got too hurt. I called my husband to tell him to get home and then I called 911. It’s all recorded on the 911 call of me begging her to let go. My 12 year old son was banging on the neighbors door to try and get the husband. After 3 attempts the husband came out and somehow separated the dogs. I got my dog inside and my husband got home, wrapped her up in a blanket and took her straight to the vet. The entire time of the attack my dog was on her leash in my front yard. I also canceled 911 because the dogs separated and the neighbor said she was okay. 
My neighbors are probably 65 and honestly, they are so so sweet and we’ve never had any issues. My husband went over to talk to them and their son said they were getting rid of the dog since it was so aggressive lately. My neighbor paid $241 vet bill which was so nice of them. My dog is very beaten up, she has tubes in her to drain any infection, several stitches, she had meat showing, it was gruesome. I’m shocked she’s alive honestly. The neighbors dog had a couple scratches and I’m not even for sure if it’s from my dog, they broke a bunch of garden ornaments and he could’ve got scratched on those. But the other dog was totally fine. Since Wednesday, she’s only ate one time and she isn’t doing great. I believe she’ll pull through but my kids are absolutely traumatized. Since their dog always gets out and we share only the back yard, my kids are not safe to play in our own yard. Not only are they terrified but i am too and I’m not letting them out there with the dog. I can’t even let my dog out safely in the future. I text my neighbor “I hope you are doing well, my husband and I need to know if you’ll be getting rid of Lenny” which is their dog. All she said was “how’s Remi” which is my dog. The dog is still there and since it’s so vicious, I want it gone. I trusted when they told me they were getting rid of it but they aren’t. So I called animal control and they came out yesterday, took pictures of my dog and took a report. Then went to the neighbors and apparently done the same. 
I’m sorry this is so long, I love animals but I truly don’t feel like my family or dog is safe until their dog is gone. What can I do?

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