.My daughter (12) gets a citation from the school police for her behavior

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  My daughter (12) gets a citation from the school police for her behavior and other students on the school bus. Last week the bus was stopped by school police for the children who had their arms full outside the window. They took out the tapes and went through them, and so on.
  I discussed this with my daughter who told me that the bus driver allowed this behavior and allowed the children to walk around the bus, sit on the seats and that it would intentionally turn fast so that they fall and allow them to hang things out the window and themselves. The bus driver allowed this behavior the previous weeks before this event finally got caught. My daughter even has a video of them Messi around and the bus driver not caring at all, when there's no way he can't see what's going on. My daughter said he laughed like it was a game. It's acceptable behavior, etc. There were no consequences for the bus driver, only the children received citations.
  First of all, I don't excuse my daughter's choices or behavior...I dealt with it. BUT I'm also angry that this bus driver didn't receive any disciplinary action? He is the adult we parents trust to keep our children safe. Of course, children will do something if this behavior is acceptable...they don't see safety or consequences like adults. I think that should have been more on the bus driver than the kids. If the bus driver hadn't allowed this behavior, wouldn't this have happened? So why are these children the only ones facing consequences?
  The officer was yelling at the kids but again no consequences for the bus driver?

  How could I legally get this quote from my child and hold the adult accountable?
  Not to mention that I had no contact with anyone other than what my daughter told me. If there was a problem, why wasn't I contacted last week?!?!? My daughter hasn't had any problems before either. Do we receive the quote by mail? What exactly is it for a child? Can I fight this?
This is truly the problem with kids now. If my kids ever acted this way, they would be apologizing to the bus driver and you’re here trying to find blame? You’re upset because the bus driver didn’t discipline your child- stop coddling them and discipline them and hold them accountable yourself.


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