My attorney handling 2 medical negligence cases was doing a great job but is on maternity leave

My attorney handling 2 medical negligence cases was doing a great job but is on maternity leave, someone stepped in who I never spoke to, he didn't stay long and left the company, I  replied to the email saying he was gone and the principle lawyer was handling my case, I replied thanking them and adding that I thought something was wrong as the new  lawyer never contacted me and it had been 3 years to the day since the incident.
  Later that day I get a phone call from the lead attorney intimidating me for 1 hour 41 minutes that I have no evidence with this case and there is nothing wrong with me despite a  neurosurgeon who searched my brain for a lesion he couldn't find and an operation I didn't want.  I saw this lead attorney for 3 hours initially, I was 100% sure I had a case.  I found out however that someone had forgotten to file a summons in court, on this day, Tuesday January 17th, it was 3 years to the day, no summons was filed, my case is now worthless  .

  Then yesterday I got an email outlining both cases, he said he started legal action with the 2nd case but don't think there is a chance of winning and how many  money is involved will be fully taken care of Well I spoke in court yesterday and there is only one writ filed he speaks in a language I don't understand but basically saying I  am not damaged by the 2 events when i know this is all due to his company not filing a writ in the 3 years, now i can't start this lawsuit with another attorney as he has overstayed  the date of 3 years.  I want to report him for bullying he said my body's inability to regulate temperature I'm constantly hot is due to my hypothyroidism when in fact it's the opposite, hypo means that  you get cold very easily.  I haven't worn sleeves for 3 winters now.  I have 21 days to respond if I want him to pursue the case of course I don't when he talks to me like that I don't have much faith in a legal professional who believes that cases  are useless, thank you.

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