I bought a car "as is" from a dealership spending well over $14,000


Hello, I need legal advice.  I bought a car "as is" from a dealership spendin


g well
over $14,000.  After a month it started having issues and taking it to the store I found out that some parts were just stuck on and not replaced properly.  There was a bad job done on it and they won't take it back or help with repairs.  I understand the part purchased as is, but they really cheated me and could have caused me a lot of harm down the road if those parts broke on me.  Any advice with this case?  I live in Minnesota.
Unfortunately part of buying a used vehicle on your end is making sure it’s in a condition that you are satisfied with. You were encourage often do you have your own mechanic take a look at it. As is means as is. You are taking that risk on if you buy it without an inspection.

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