I have sole lawful and actual care of my kid and have for around 3 years now

I have sole lawful and actual care of my kid and have for around 3 years now. My ex didn't pay youngster support (there was not a court request for it) until about a year prior when he began giving me $50/month. My child goes to see him each Friday evening to Sunday evening aside from the third end of the week consistently when he remains with me. My child lets me know that he wears a similar garments I send him in the entire end of the week consistently.
My inquiries are: my present spouse (who I additionally have a child with) and I are hoping to move to Florida in a couple of months since there are better open doors for ourselves and the kids there and we have family in Florida and Georgia (we have no family by any stretch of the imagination in NM other than my most established child having his father's family here however they don't see him other than on siestas generally). Has anybody been in a comparative circumstance? How could you deal with your ex?
I'm additionally inquisitive: after I told my ex that we might be moving he had a HUGE tantrum and afterward requested that I come to his work (his supervisor is a legal official public) and sign papers for us to have shared authority all things being equal. I rejected for some reasons. How simple (or troublesome) could it be for him to get shared authority if he somehow happened to request of the courts?

Much thanks to you!! Please accept my apologies I realize this is a ton and I needed to leave out a ton of subtleties that I feel are significant on the grounds that then it would've been a novel haha

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