Does anyone have any advice for me on how I can get my payment and what my rights are؟

Hello, I am an independent researcher in television. Last year, I started a research job at a beverage company that wanted to eventually develop its concept into a documentary program. The contract seemed to have long-term potential - in my boss' words "if we can get enough information, which I'm sure is available, we can work with this for a long time". I asked for a brief job offer when I got the job and the boss sent me a confirmation of the job rate and job title (no dates) and said he would be in touch soon with the rest.
  I did a week of work and sent it out, my boss said he was going to review and "let's jump on a zoom early next week to discuss everything moving forward ". While waiting for the boss to contact me the following week, I continued to work on the brief. He did not contact me and on Friday I emailed to say I had worked and still had to complete the final research, all of which would be sent out by Monday morning. The boss replied that he didn't expect me to work all week after the last email, but that I should send it and meet again on Tuesday.
  Then the next week after I submitted the work, the boss's assistant emailed me saying "he'll look for a more concise narrative for further research" and will be in touch with me. When I picked it up later, the boss said the assistant would contact me in a few months.
  I waited for news, but never did. I then sent an invoice for 2 weeks for the work I carried out (a little less than a year after the start of the work). I worked extremely hard for this job - first all NYE and all day after (for the initial pitch presentation to get the job), then late evenings on working days and also weekends .
  Since sending the invoice 2 months ago, I have not heard back. I called the boss several times, but his phone goes straight to voicemail. I sent him another email today. I called the company's landline but it's disconnected.
  It's a beverage company, I think it may have suffered during the pandemic. But I checked online and the company is still "active".
  Does anyone have any advice for me on how I can get my payment and what my rights are? Thank you very much!
Unless you have something in writing that he’s asking you to continue working I don’t think you have much ground to collect that extra week. It looks like they’ve change direction.

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