Could it be totally lawful to make a public web-based media post just expressing realities about someone's egotistical activities?

Could it be totally lawful to make a public web-based media post just expressing realities about someone's egotistical activities?

A little origin story: I posted with regards to my fathers lawful case in here a couple of days prior. Essentially my father is being sued for a minor fender bender my sibling was in 3 years prior. My sibling back finished a person who was in a goliath truck at such a low speed no air packs were conveyed. Everyone escaped their vehicles and strolled around and they traded protection information later.

Quick forward to December of 2020, fourteen days before christmas in a pandemic, my father is presented with a claim for the folks "Torment and languishing" from the mishap. He professes to have "long lasting" wounds and won't settle with my sibling's protection except if my father "Places something on the table" in light of the fact that, in his lawyer's words, my father "Has a decent house" and they would go for that in court if not. They attempted to say it was a family vehicle thus my father being head of family is responsible. At the point when shown confirmation that my sibling was a 28year old grown-up who carried on with an hour from my folks, claimed the main key to the vehicle, bought the vehicle all alone and had his own protection on the vehicle they altered their claim at an endeavor to keep my father on it. (My father was documenting to be eliminated).

Then, at that point, they attempted to say my sibling had a background marked by captures, petty criminal offenses and mishaps and that my father was "careless" in allowing him to drive. Be that as it may, my sibling has NO captures, and the latest petty criminal offense before the mishap was a solitary speeding ticket 3 years earlier. His case is self-destructing and my father is recording to be taken out once more.

My inquiry: If my father is effectively taken out, would I be able to make an online media post clarifying the narrow minded things this person did? The person whose suing my father is the leader of a nearby school that is known for its clinical projects. We have motivation to accept he just knew whatever might be considered appropriate to say. My folks are turning 60 this year and they were at that point stressed they needed more cash to resign, and this person attempted to take all that they had KNOWING they had nothing to do with the mishap. (sued them for 275k) Meanwhile, he's been on instagram the whole time flaunting his new inground pool, tattoos, sports vehicles, five star boarding passes thus much stuff showing he's wealthy cash insightful. (he doesn't realize I follow him on instagram, however he acknowledged my follow demand that was under my genuine name. I don't think he understood what My identity was)

My mother would call me crying so hard she would hyperventilate terrified of losing the retirement cash she really buckled down for, while he was gloating about his new pool and vehicles via online media. It was nauseating. He truly put my family through a lot of hardship. He's the leader of a neighborhood school, does each of their web-based media recordings and radio advertisements and he's on the state educational committee. He's a dreadful individual who a many individuals perceive, and I need to let everyone know what he did. Could it be lawful?

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