So we live in Yakima WA and my husband has a 3
 year old son from
 a previous relationship, little back story they don't have a parenting plan, just a verbal agreement for him to get it done every other weekend and she lives 3 hours away and we were driving halfway to get it On Friday afternoon we meet again halfway on Sunday morning. He's giving her $600-700 a month for what she says are "daycare costs" and he's been doing it for over a year now.
Recently she suddenly said that if we traveled all they could to pick him up, he would have to pay for his day care anymore. We both thought this was weird and didn't agree with it. There have been several occasions where the child comes to us with bruises and scrapes in meaningless places on his back, face, and buttocks when we asked her where these marks come from she says “3 year old” or “daycare” Well we called the daycare and they don’t have any records About getting hurt and not getting scratched and no bruising no injury reports nothing me a mother of two sons and something about it that didn't fit me but I try not to get too involved but I told my husband you know don't you think that's weird? I know kids get hurt all the time but these places and the markings on them were yellow and some are new so I mentioned that. His son comes to us always smells bad, he is dirty with his clothes that do not fit him, his shoes do not fit him and he is still wearing diapers. I know he's going to be 3 and he's going to be November 4th but I mean like diapers like baby diapers that don't even fit him.
The last time we went to pick him up on September 27, he was acting really weird when he got in the car, he looked really scared when we asked him if he was having fun with his mom. He was eating so fast that he vomited.
So I told my husband that something strange was my mother's senses exploding. So we texted her and she said he had been sick for 3 weeks with a coughing fever and a runny nose for the first time even though he had been tested for covid, so she asked for more and she told me she didn't have his nebulizer when he had an asthma attack, so I put Nasal spray containing saline, and after I did that his cough worsened but she refused to take him to the doctor.
So I told my husband I wouldn't let you bring him back until we figured out what was wrong with him and got him the right medication to take him home. So I made it fit and they told us he doesn't have a medical insurance shot and he hasn't been to the doctor since 2019. Like they don't have any records of being seen by anyone since 2019. This was for me. We tried to get him to take on state insurance and they told us we needed his Social Security number, so we asked her and he told her why we needed it and she stopped talking to us for 4 days. She never called to check on her son and never asked if he was okay. So my mother-in-law said we should call CPS because of everything that's going on, apparently, we weren't the first to call and file a report of neglect and abuse, they told us not to take him back to his mother until they investigate it all started to happen when she moved her boyfriend to live in and they were They only knew each other for two weeks before he moved in. And the kid acts really scared when he's near her boyfriend.
We issued a protection order before the CPS suggestions and in retaliation, I got a restraining order.
We currently have physical custody of the child and will not be returning it until we have something to say otherwise.

My question is CPS asked us to apply for emergency custody, they gave us a number to call and we called every day but no response, how exactly do you get emergency custody in Washington state? Can we go to court and ask for it? I tried to look it up but some say we have to file in the county where the mother lives in another country and they say we can file in the county where we live… I have never tried this so I don't know what questions to ask To ask where to go for help who to call… I got lost

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