I was offered a job position in Texas, I sign an electronic contract, and I was given an start date

 I was extended to an employment opportunity position in Texas, I sign an electronic agreement, and I was given a beginning date, August 7. I was likewise disclosed to I need to buy garbs and exceptional shoes, the work accompanies lodging and food since is in no place near the line, movement related. I made every one of the courses of action with landowner clarifying that I will not be requiring my loft any longer and move to Texas just to be illuminate 2 days earlier my beginning date that my new beginning date has change to Sep 4 because of some organization issues. I have no spot back in California so I chose to get maxed my cards and got an Airbnb for a month, remaining here in Texas. September fourth has come, I should get an email with guidelines around 2 days prior and didn't get anything not so much as a call. I realize the organization is genuine in light of the fact that I have companions that work there, and everything was done through their site. This has causing me a ton passionate trouble, and uneasiness since I needed to invest such a lot of work and energy to be hanging around for the position. I go through cash I didn't must have my vehicle prepared for the 18 drawn out drive and presently I'm simply here, they quit noting my calls, and messages. Is there anything lawfully I can do, to essentially have them covered my gas cash to return to California?

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