This is my first post here so kindly uncovered with me

 This is my first post here so kindly uncovered with me. As I don't know how much detail is to a lot/sufficiently not. So it might wind up a long post. 

In the UK and requesting my companion who can't do this without anyone else's help. 

She is considering leaving her accomplice. He is intellectually oppressive towards her. 

She's not left at this point since 1) she's just barely settling that it's going on. 

2) her children. (10 year old and 8 year old.) 

He has persuaded her that in the event that she leaves. He'll get the children since he's the person who works all day and gets the cash. 

She can't work all day since he won't let her (has made her leave each work she's had) and she's self-teaching their most established. Who had issues at his last school and furthermore needs additional help. 

The house (leased) is in her name. So on the off chance that she can get him out she'll have a house however may have to pass on her low maintenance task to take care of full time self-teaching. 

This is the thing that's stressing her. On the off chance that he sets up a battle. Will she lose the children to a father they would prefer not to live with? 

The most seasoned has as of now said he don't care for conversing with his father since he doesn't tune in and blows up/baffled taht he tells the child of. 

I trust I didn't make it sound more muddled then it is. Also, I trust somebody can assist me with addressing this concern she needs to assist her with giving a valiant effort. 

Much thanks to you x

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