The nature of the contract of sale:

The sale contract is an agreement between two parties, one of whom is the seller and the other the buyer, in which it is agreed that the first party has sold a certain property, whether an apartment, land, house, or others, to the buyer for a certain amount of money, and other terms are agreed upon.

 It is the name, description, and national number of both the seller and the buyer, and the property being sold. The property is described in detail and the sale price.

The most important items that interest you in case if you are a buyer:

Here, the buyer is the weakest and most worthy of protection in order to guarantee his right, and that is why we must note several basic points that you must make sure of before completing the sale:

1- Ensure that the seller's card is valid and that he is fully qualified to make the sale

2- Make sure that there are no heirs or a partnership in the property of the sale (real estate).

3- Make sure of the correct ownership sequence in the sale contract and that you have obtained the assets of the previous contracts.

4- Verify the validity of the previous sales contract with your request for that from the neighborhood to which the property belongs, or the electricity company or the water company in which the property is registered and affiliated with it.

E - Make sure that all of the above (the sales contract) is empty, officially and documented in the real estate registry, and make sure that you register your ownership and do not increase the real estate tax or registration fees so as not to be exposed to instability or enter into disputes over ownership.

Finally, it should be noted that the ownership is not transferred except by registration in the real estate registry or on the claim of validity and enforcement. As for the claim of validity of the signature, it is a precautionary claim that guarantees you the signature of the seller, but does not include your ownership

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