The laws of America and England are in the people's pockets, I know very important

 American and England

 If someone was arrested in America and decided to tell the FBI about an English couple she committed a crime with a plea deal;  then is that American a Co-D or are they only a witness.  Most of the evidence was reliable on her testimony in a UK court but it was in her interest to lie and make sure the English person who went not guilty went to jail or she wouldn't get her plea deal.  The American was only able to describe the English persons facial features (which were on a picture on her laptop from Facebook) she wasn't able to describe the persons tattoo on wrist or the place the English couple were.  No other than evidence other than literally circumstantial evidence existed.  The American didn't get done for the crime she admitted committing with them and their is no evidence of her actually getting a sentence.  The plea deal was kept a secret from the uk trial jury members and so was the Americans interview tapes.  How can this be fair and how can the evidence and plea deal get found out.  Surely there are grounds for appeal when so much was kept from the trial and the star witness was a serious criminal with everything to gain from lying and years in jail if she didn't get the English person found guilty.  Who can I approach to help me trawl through the evidence?  That is only a small segment of something not right about the case.  The whole conviction is surely unsafe.  This is a huge case for a brief to get overturned and would make their career;  but I need to find one willing to have a look at it first.  Does anyone have any ideas please???

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