My sister and I (both of legitimate age) entered the country on a B1/B2 Visa. My mother, who is a resident applied for an augmentation last May 2021 for the two of us on account of Covid. She passed every one of the necessities and oath of help expressing that she can cover for the two of us. We both did the biometrics a month after the fact. My sister just got her letter expressing that she was supported for the expansion. I wasnt ready to get any however when we checked the application status it expressed that I was denied. I don't have any criminal records and I didn't do anything unlawful during my visit. 

I have 3 inquiries

- What is the conceivable explanation I was denied? 

- Is there in any case I can record an interest for this? Coronavirus is still truly downright awful my country. 

- Does this imply that I am out of status?

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