I need guidance please I'm in Ohio and my neighbor shot my canine twice in a row saying my canine killed his goat, however there is no proof that my canine did not get my little one blood stained other than his gunshot wounds even the vet agreed that if my canine ripped out the goats throat that there would have been some kind of evidence that was not found there is something the neighbor can do has been in jail

I don't know exactly what for yet, is there anything he can do? he is languishing


My recommendation is address your neighbor. He has expressed he needs to go to an answer so attempt to do this, Speak serenely and inquire as to whether he saw your canine assault the goat as your vet said there is no proof via blood that he did. Notice the Coyotes and inquire as to whether it was conceivably them. Additionally attempt to take care of a fence to keep your canine where he should be the point at which you are not with him. Do you totally realize he is a criminal or is this exactly what you have been told? As expressed by some above, following 5 years he is qualified for have a weapon If indeed he is a criminal. Tell us how you get on

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