My daughter committed an illegal crime please help

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 from the United States ... Alabama.

 my daughter is 18 years old and just got her first job at a restaurant / sports bar..she was hired as a hostess at first, but then they wanted her to waitress ... in alabama you cannot serve alcohol until you are 19.  ..this was the first job she has ever had ... she trained with two girls for two days on waitressing before being put on the floor by herself ... on the third day, the police set up a sting and sent an underage  girl into the restaurant ... she was sat in my daughters section ... she asked for a beer ... my daughter took her order for the beer to the bartender because she wasnt allowed to serve.  the bartender came and served the girl the beer ... the officer came in and pulled her and the bartender and main manager to the back and gave her a quote for serving to a minor ... my daughter was devastated because she was not told  that she was responsible for asking for proper identification from the girl ... since she was too young to serve she took the request to the bartender to serve ... but the bartender who was bar manager should have asked her if she checked her id  before taking the beer to the girl ... but long story short ... she got a citation to appear in court and got fired ... she had only worked as a waitress for 3 days ... she has been crying ..  .she loved the job, but was not properly trained ... what can we do ... can we sue the company and she is so scared to go to court ... the citation states that she is being charged with serving alcohol to  a minor ... however she never touched the alcohol at all because she is under age as well.  please help


Frankly, I'm not sure the company will be prosecuted, but the charges will likely be dropped once you explain to a judge that they are minor and not properly formed.

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