My dad died with a major extensive domain. I'm the lone kid

 My dad died with a major extensive domain. I'm the lone kid, the progression Mom is under misrepresentation examination for a will set apart with X. His old bookkeeper that he ended for misrepresentation held me hostage, deceived the central expert and said I was crippled under bondage. He got executorship, then, at that point I got away, presently I began presenting all the proof and showing the expert's the misappropriation (5 factory gone up until now) and I was going to get the letter of power by the expert, then, at that point the record disappeared at the expert's office and all data on the framework was erased by the organization by expert's office. Presently they can't open a fake document for me to get the bequest back. The will that was acknowledged was seen by the agents spouse considering it invalid. What's the following stage. I can just do a high court application in December. As they have commandeered the property portfolio with all my pay? Would it be able to be arranged inside ?


Ask a lawyer to file an application with the Supreme Court

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