My child has strep throat hes very infectious he has fever and racing to the bathroom frequently and hurling. I'm attempting to get him well yet won't send him in case he's this wiped out. I will have a dr note to back me up in case need be. Yet, my ex called the paramedics and I had 6 ppl at my entryway saying "somebody is kicking the bucket amd not breathing we need access" I opened the entryway and showed my child to the paramedic and send them out the door. He has a propensity for hit the police and misrepresenting that I'm tying up my child and gagging him. He's sends me messages and taken steps to consider the police and put a golden caution out on the off chance that I send my child to school rather than appearance. I'm right now attempting to change my present requests and documented a limiting request which my hearing is on the thirteenth. Hes likewise in scorn of court for denying my child of going to class. What would i be able to do about his visits this week? On the off chance that my child is this wiped out I would prefer not to deliver from my consideration and perhaps aggravate it


Your child has strep. The dad is the same amount of a parent as you are and you are in infringement. Grow up and stop with holding the child from the father utilizing weak reasons. 

Strep isn't unreasonably awful, I had a horrendous instance of it myself last week.

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