My boyfriend is intellectually oppressive towards me

My boyfriend is intellectually oppressive towards me. Says I'm lucky to be dead and so forth Yet, no actual squabbles. I have a child by him and my more seasoned girl isn't his. We Half own a house together however he does nothing over text or anything so I have no verification. Simply my statement against his. How would it be a good idea for me to respond? I have no family in this state and no what other place to go. I likewise have been remaining at home with kids in light of no sitter. He works yet I don't so we didn't need to pay for kid care. I have no vehicle by the same token


I realize this is more difficult than one might expect yet I was stuck in a 19-year marriage where my ex did that just as numerous different things. You need to connect with your folks or relatives ASAP and inquire as to whether they can help you in any capacity to pay for you to move back home. When victimizers go down this way it never under any circumstance improves. There's something different you need to contemplate, the more your children are presented to this oppressive conduct the almost certain they are to copy it. In the event that you have a girl the chances of her cutting off up in a friendship with a man that does likewise conduct skyrockets in light of the fact that as she observes it now she will believe it's alright on the off chance that you keep on taking it. On the off chance that you have a child he will believe that that is alright to treat ladies that way in light of the fact that the lone male good example in his life is doing it. It's not just with regards to you any longer it's likewise about them. Trust me when I say it never improves. What he's doing is preparing you, it's narcissists main thing. He will strip you down to nothing cause you to feel useless, cause you to feel like you can't live without him and it will just deteriorate from that point. Following 19 years I at long last got the guts up to leave and a petition for legal separation, don't misunderstand me it was hard as damnation yet my life is such a great deal better without him.

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