Legal problem with Hyundai Motor Company, please reply

 IL. Does anybody have any exhortation or course? I have a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe and in the start of May, the super essentially collapsed so it's been at the business from that point forward.. the vehicle is as yet under guarantee. We've been getting calls from our administration tech saying "the part is on a truck and we ought to have the vehicle to you this week". In the mean time, they don't have a loaner vehicle so they said they'd repay us up to $50 each day to lease a vehicle from Budget/Hertz and our caseworker at Hyundai Corporate would call is in 7-10 work days. We just leased it for one month since they said it would be prepared and we would not like to pay another $1700. Quick forward to July.. no vehicle and no call from caseworker so I attempt once more. They at last get back to us and say presently they'll just compensation $35 each day for that rental vehicle, they don't have any loaners, they don't have the foggiest idea when my vehicle will be prepared, they anticipate that I should keep paying regularly scheduled installments and they will not repay us anything until we have the vehicle back.

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