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 Hello all! Denver, Colorado here. I have inquiries on in the event that I have justification for a badgering case from an old companion/colleague. 

My life partner, this fellow and myself had an independent company together. Him and my life partner additionally were beginning business together. 

Quick version, we as a whole chose to head out in a different direction, to some degree civilly. Presently, he has gotten my life partner's Instagram profile erased (that is the place where my life partner gets the vast majority of his work leads). He sends derisive web-based media messages, sends terrible instant message and will leave him absurd phone messages and call him multiple times (in a real sense) persistently. My life partner obstructed him via online media and on his telephone. Presently I am getting disdainful messages and online media messages. 

He is destroying our business notoriety and being only an appalling, awful individual for what it's worth. Calling us dreadful names and saying our child had the right to bite the dust since God didn't need us to duplicate (we had an unnatural birth cycle as of late at 4 months). It's cut to the chase where we believe we need to effectively get this to stop. 

Is there even any reason for a case? I know it's simply ridiculing however the things he is saying you simply don't say starting with one person then onto the next on the grounds that he is feeling awful. 

Much obliged to you for setting aside the effort to understand this

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