Know the new property lease agreement is important


  I am in a really horrible situation as my ex girlfriend and I share a lease on a rental property.

  When we broke up she was extremely immature .. she packed her things and left (she took her keys)

  she has no rent (she never did), no bills and does not live there.

  Yet, just to hurt me and be difficult, she refused to sign the forms to exit the lease and ignore all my attempts to contact her and the real estate agent's attempts to contact her about this (I'm afraid that will continue.  to contact her gives her the ammunition to obtain an AVO).

  I decided that in the best interest of my own sanity and my ability to move on with my life ... I decided that I just wanted to go out and cancel the lease.

  I gave 28 days notice and to the real estate agency and am now still in the same situation ... waiting for my ex to stop ransom me with this lease and sign the forms.

  She also does not have a legal obligation to pay half the cost of canceling the lease and re-renting the house.

  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed legally and get the forms signed or terminate the lease other than suing it.

  Please, only genuine comments.  I don't need hindsight or malicious comments at this time.

  Thank you I advance

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