My family and I have been remaining in a long-term visit because of difficult situations bcz of Coronavirus.


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My family and I have been remaining in a long-term visit because of difficult situations bcz of Coronavirus. 

We've been here with regards to a month and when we were away (fifteenth 28th) we called somebody to pay our lease for us on the 22 or the 23, just as called the spending suit and let them realize we were away and when we'd be back.They didn't call and educate us regarding any issues. At the point when we got back there was no notes on the entryway all was simply well on the 29th I proceeded to go through the day with my mother, we paid lease at about 3:25 and left just after we paid to go through the day with my mother we didn't get back until pretty late, yet returned home to BOTH these notes on my entryway one within and one outwardly. That we later discovered was because of "property harm" (we had a canine that broke something and scratched the floor covering a bit. We called them recently to perceive how we could deal with resolve this and the structure supervisor said we can pay the pet store and +$100 which is about $400 complete. Then, at that point called later on to check whether we can get the lease we just repaid sense they "expelled us" as of now. Side note-(Im not certain why they remained silent when we went to pay our lease at that we were probably expelled). They said no and the senior supervisor said we could remain until the week's end sense we previously paid however that we actually needed to leave by Friday. 

I'm befuddled on how any of this is legitimate the notification to clear was put on our entryway later than it is marked I wasn't even around when it was "hand conveyed". Is there anything I can do?? Our family canine that caused the slight harm was killed when I was away and I've been attempting to sort that out. I simply need assistance without paying a month to month membership for some assistance.

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