In the event of an assault, the legal situation

 Good evening I need some advice

   I was assaulted 2 weeks ago by two women pretending I was dating a friend

   I was severely beaten at night, stripped naked, and got scars that also drained me, causing head injuries and internal bleeding.

   These ladies have been teasing me for a while, but they thought I wouldn't happen to get beaten up harder for a guy I don't date.  They sent my brothers to get my things where they live, they said they never took anything, yes they left me unconscious, but I remember they took my things, they were left  die ... they even told my brothers they didn't want death ..

   So I want to open a case and order to protect any advice ** The guy they think I'm dating is just a friend and doesn't know how to do it Apparently his little mom makasho yena is so motivated that I am  crazy I'm not safe I live alone with my daughter Imagine what they can do

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