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I have a friend 

I think it's 2023 and the laws for the Ir1 visa category are the same... The thing is... It's 2023...

She is 19 years old and the person you want to marry is also 19… In Bangladeshi law, the marriage age for a boy is 21 or older and 21 and for a girl is 18 or older… and US marriage age. Married to a boy and a girl over the age of 18 that I know...so in this case, if the boy has a US green card (he went to the US with only a green card) and you have good financial stability in the US...if you marry ( 19 years old) with my girlfriend (19 years old girl) who lives in Bangladesh… Can you then apply for an IR1 visa? Since the legal age for marriage is 18 or more, they are entitled to marry, but in Bangladesh it is 18 or more for a girl and 21 for a boy...

Q1) Can you ask my friend for an Ir1 visa in this case?

Q2) Is there a way to marry at the age of 19 in Bangladesh?

Q3) If both of you were somehow married at age 19 in Bangladesh while the child was driving a green car in the US, can you apply?

Q4) Is there a way out if none of this is considered true?

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