I was a little exception because I started my career as a solicitor (English solicitor) and later moved into corporate law - so as part of my free contribution each year I can still do judicial work (which I loved).

However, I had a very uncomfortable experience as we were advising the client regarding the issue of litigation, and the litigants in our company asked me to read the huge and complex company documents first. Shortly thereafter, the other party filed a unilateral emergency application against our clients, but they filed it on notice. The non-free court first appeared in about 10 years.

It gets worse.

It was a Friday, and our office had a "casual dress" policy, so I wore a t-shirt and shorts. I had to borrow a suit from the first colleague I could find before rushing to court as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, I'm 6′3″ and he was 5′7, so it looked like I was wearing Capri pants and a jacket.

It's an unforgettable day overall.

* The other party usually means that they are rushing to court on an emergency basis without telling the other party. But in this case, even though the application was technically one-sided, they gave us notice of the hearing (less than an hour's notice) so we could come and make acknowledgments if we could do it, but we didn't have enough time to tip customers To do something stupid in relation to the order they were seeking.

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