I was fired from my job, legal advice

 Howdy . My Name is Theo Ndaba ... I was a petroleum specialist at Quickfuel . I just got unjustifiably excused today by a white lady who claims shes a Chairperson with no proof to help her assertion. We are around four of us who were excused today .I was excused in light of taking a virus drink in the shop . There is no evidence that I took . I didn't take I was caught by Johan Van Staden the proprietor who would not like to enlist us for UIF . We didn't get structures for our excusal. I remained silent during our hearing since I simply needed verification that the Chairperson is the individual she guarantee she is on the grounds that she unquestionably didn't look/wore like a Chairperson/like somebody who's addressing an organization. This gas station have been burglarizing us , deducting our cash each week since we got our compensation cash . We used to pay for stock which was taken by clients and harmed stock additionally . I asked the white proprietor for what good reason this occurs ,he stuck everything to the Manager who is an individual of color and guaranteed he thinks nothing about the station since he left the Manager in control . I was the lone petroleum specialist in 7-8 hours shift while delving soil in the garden(general work) and topping off vehicles . In some cases I needed to leave a handcart in the spot to top off 300 liters diesel in a truck and afterward return to the nursery pushing a work cart. We utilized a checking machine to check in/out for work , somedays when you drained and simply contemplating returning home to rest you recklessly neglect to check out you don't get compensated for that day . At times on an end of the week 15 hours and not get compensated for it for that equivalent explanation (timing out)+ the derivations for their taken stock whereby it wasn't even your flaw. We worked 52-53 hours per week as two Attendants imparting movements to just a 7 hours OFF . Clerks check out and need to rest on the floor inside the shop with everything inside cash, cigarettes, oil , refrigerators , Safe , broadcast appointment... and so forth , With a panick catch to awaken at


Get a representative to sort your statement into order. As it is. U sound confused.

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