I have court coming up soon, me and my ex lives 90 minutes

 I have court coming up soon, me and my ex lives 90 minutes from one another, kid is in school, what's a decent nurturing plan? He needs 50/multi week on and week off however how might that function with school?


We're in almost the same situation. We proposed the kid proceed with online school to get that going. We are 75 miles one way from one another. Mothers pardon was she doesn't comprehend normal center math. When clearly she is only languid to help the child and we have verification and it showed. Or then again consistently broadened occasions and the entirety of summer. Presently, the ex we are managing on the grounds that the child is just about 13. She is utilizing pardons about football and companions. Child scarcely has companions and compelling games. What will conflict with her is requiring 6 end of the week visits illicitly. In addition, the wide range of various non-sense. We will have a GAL quite soon since intervention fizzled. She needs to give us each and every other end of the week and just fourteen days in summer can't take successively. The court chief previously cautioned her we ought to have 50/50 not remove time. Judges are pushing for it now like never before since the pandemic lockdown.

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