Howdy, I am situated in Wisconsin and as of late I bought a pre-owned vehicle cart to tow my SUV behind our RV, to me this vehicle cart looked like it might have been a more established unit. After I drove back home "very nearly a 2 hour drive", I discovered that my SUV won't fit on this vehicle cart, it isn't wide enough for the front wheels to fit on it securely. 

I proceeded to quantify how wide it was. It is 87 inches wide, my SUV is 90 inches wide. It is now that I see that this cart was custom made. 

I reached the merchant and requested a discount, now they revealed to me it is sold with no guarantees and no discount will be given. 

The selling party didn't post in the promotion that it was a custom made unit and furthermore didn't show it was sold as is in the advertisement. 

How might I approach this? 

Much appreciated in cutting edge for you're input.

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