I am disabled and the landlord is threatening me, what should I do?

 Well I have a decent inquiry here I live on inability I just get 743 per month my landowner needs to raise my lease from $600 per month to a thousand every month except yet he needs me to mislead the spots so I can get a lease voucher when I'm not behind on my lease however he needs me to reveal to them I'm 3 to 4 months behind on my lease and I live on handicap I just get 743 a month can they lawfully monetarily raise my lease $400 beyond what I can bear the cost of I am in a real sense scared of losing my place to live I have no place else to go


Shockingly except if you are in a lease controlled condo or your rent expresses that you are not liable to expands they can do anything they desire. Its horrendous yet obvious.

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