Hey, so.ive just had my joblessness hearing subsequent to being denied benefits. I was terminated/given up after a self employed entity requested that I change an arrangement and the administration accused me. The business has not acknowledged any calls from IDES, yet IDES actually dismissed me. I pursued it and once more, the business was a flake-out, and I clarified about the appt and that I was uninformed of any such principle as the workers for hire make their own hours. It was extremely straightforward, yet the appointed authority finished clarifying he will tell me in seven days via mail, however in the event that I disagree with the decision I ought to do another allure, etc.... Like I've effectively lost once more?? Is it true that he is simply keeping the stated purpose of the law, or would he say he was advising me explicitly that I've been denied once more? What are my possibilities if the business has never countered my case and didn't show up at claim hearing? (This is Illinois)

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