i have been going through courts for the beyond 2 months for guardianship of my niece and nephew


 Question, from PA 

I have been going through courts for the beyond 2 months for guardianship of my niece and nephew, I was simply granted crisis authority Thursday! The progression mother of the youngsters has been badgering me, following me Pounding and ringing the entryway chime causing issues, well Tuesday she went to my home beat, rang ringer attempting to open my entryway, she then, at that point headed over to my indirect access where I had my telephone sitting on my table, she beat and attempted to get in and afterward she recently left! When I understood my telephone was missing I called it and SHE got it, I heard her and my sibling chuckling, another person called my telephone and she did they same! I went her home ( she lives 100 ft away) and k possessed and she giggled and wouldn't reply. Called police they came a half hr later took my information I showed him my snap map that pinged it at her home and a message she sent from my telephone to the mother of my niece and nephew. Police went to her home she said she never went around back and disclosed to him he didn't take my telephone. The police left and said to email him the screenshots.2 ring cameras didn't discover her going around back on the grounds that it was far away. My neighbor saw her Pounding on my secondary passage and leave yet she just revealed to us daily after police came. So I gave the police that information however they aren't in a hurry and basically said they are busy..it wasn't only my telephone yet my case was a wallet case, had 4 bank cards and my driver's permit in it! She has put the children and my family through a lot of hardship, do you think in the event that I get a legal counselor that I get an opportunity of getting a type of equity for this? She is a dreadful individual who genuinely and actually mishandled the children and controls my sibling, she's a narssisst, controller and utilizations medications   

and believes she's powerful and chooses whatever is best.


Document charges for burglary and intruding, record for a defensive request, drop telephone and bank cards, supplant everything and let the equity framework work. Try not to go to her home any longer, she needs to provoke you, don't help her out. Imagine she doesn't exist!!


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