Britney Spears' father has been suspended from working as a property manager. What happened after that?


It appears that the years-long battle over Britney Spears' guardianship is almost over after her father lost his role as the custodian of his daughter's business affairs.

In what was a major victory for the singer, the ruling brings Spears a step closer to ending the guardianship in force since 2008.

So what comes next for the singer behind songs like Toxic and Hit Me Baby One More Time?

Where are we from the case?

Jamie, the father of Britney Spears, has been suspended for 13 years as a trustee for the singer's business.

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Fans outside the court began to gather hours before the proceedings began (AFP: Robin Beck)

Judge Brenda Penny said Spears will be replaced by accountant John Zabel on an interim basis.

Prior to his suspension, Mr. Spears had enjoyed the lion's share of daily power over his daughter's choices for 13 years. In 2019, he gave up the role of custodian over her life decisions, keeping only control of her finances.

Judy Montgomery, a court-appointed professional, has served as a trustee for her personal affairs since 2019.

So what will happen next?

Final authority in the guardianship rests with Judge Penny, who exercised it by suspending Jimmy Spears, and will likely use it again to end the legal arrangement entirely on November 12, something she was free to do at any time.

Judge Penny said in court that she did not want Jimmy Spears to be in the county for one more day.

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Judge Brenda Penny called Jamie Spears's involvement in the guardianship indefensible. Sam (Reuters: Eduardo Munoz)

"The current situation is untenable," Benny said. "It reflects a toxic environment that requires Jimmy Spears' suspension, in effect today."

The November hearing will discuss a petition to end the guardianship that controls Britney Spears' business and personal affairs.

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